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Congratulations! Your solution(s) have been named a Best of Elearning! 2018 finalists. 

To assure we accurately publish your information, please take a moment to complete the following listing form. Please submit your information no later than Oct 20th to assure inclusion in the awards edition of Elearning! Magazine.

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Best of Elearning! Royalty

Do you wish to receive the Best of Elearning! ICONS, award recognition and listing(s)? Fee of $495 applies. Yes

Best of Elearning! Listing Upgrade

In 2018, Best of Elearning! Award finalists and winners may order the award trophy, secure Best of Elearning! ICON rights, and full listing in Best of Elearning! Awards issue for $950. Participation in any options below include these elements.

Do you wish to upgrade your listing to include trophy, ICON and listing for $950?

Best of Elearning! Hall of Fame

To be considered for Hall of Fame, your brand must be a 5x or more honoree. Participation fee includes full page ad, participation in Hall of Fame feature, and one page of syndicated content. Limited to selected brands. Investment: $12,950 (min 250 leads)

Do you wish to participate in Hall of Fame Award consideration?

Best of Elearning! Featured Listing.

Feature your product or solution within your awards category. Provide 300 words of content and a 1/2 page 4-color ad to secure a full page of covergage in the awards edition. Price: $6,950

Upload 1/2 page 4 -color ad (4 1/8" x 10").
Upload word document with 300 words describing solution, company and contact info.
Do you wish to order a Featured Listing in the Best of Elearning! Award issue? *Required Yes, I understand i will be charged $6950 for a full page ad/content
No, I do not wish to run a Featured listing.

Best of Elearning! Brand Package.

Get the recognition your deserve with this Brand Package generating up to 1.3 million marketing impressions.  Package includes full page 4 color ad, full page content (& syndication) in print and eMagazine. 3x email distribution. (min 500 leads) Rate: $9250

Step 1: Upload word document with Company & contact information. Content can be best practice, product spotlight or mini-white paper. Total word count: 600 words
Step 2: Upload JPEG high resolution image 1
Step 2: Upload JPEG high resolution image 2
Step 3: Upload Full Page 4-color ad PDF 300 DPI. (9" x 11" includes bleed)
Do you wish to order the Brand Package for the Best of Elearning! Award issue? *Required Yes, I wish to order the Brand Package for $9250
No, I do not wish to participate in the Brand Package.

Best of Elearning! Business Builder Package

This package includes a participation on LearnTechX Web Seminar AND Full Page Ad in awards issue. Receive all leads from the webinar. Rate: $12,950 (min 300 leads)

Upload full page 4 color ad for Elearning! Magazine Nov edition. Ad trim size should be 9" x11" with 8" x 10" live area. We will contact you for Web Seminar content & Dates.
Do you wish to order the Business Builder Package for $12,950? *Required Yes, I wish to purchase the Business Builder Package for $12,950.
No, I do not wish to participate.

Best of Elearning! Custom Marketing Options

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No, I am not interested in custom options.

III. Best of Elearning! 2018 Award Activities

The Best of Elearning! is a year long education and promotions program. Please indicate which activities below you wish to participate. (Participation Fee applies based upon level: $6950 - $12,950)

Best of Elearning! Web Seminar Series. Cost ranges from $4995 to $12,950)(*Required)
Best of Elearning! Awards Ceremony is being held on Nov 28th at the Washington Convention Center GLTS event. *Required Yes, we would like to attend an awards ceremony
No, we do not wish to participate

Thank you for your time to complete the Best of Elearning! Award Listing Notifications.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 888-201-2841 x844 or sales@2elearning.com for assistance.

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