CLO Roundtable: Top Challenges and Strategies (On-Demand)

The Learning! 100 leaders are high performers, innovative, collaborative and have impactful learning cultures. They also face many of the same challenges as you do; from managing millennials, attracting top talent, engaging employees, delivering business impact, sales enablement and performance management. Join Kevin, Nitya, Ritchie, and Timothy to share best practices and lessons learned from their award-winning programs.

T-Mobile is one of the fastest growing mobile services in the USA with 72.6 million subscribers and a reputation of exceeding customer expectations. While the telesales team was performing and meeting its revenue targets, the organization was highly fragmented with call centers each using different processes, tools, management models and training approaches. They launched a sales management learning and transformation program. Branding focused on promoting the Un-Carrier culture with a theme to “Unleash, Empower and Excel U”. The goal was cultural change, excitement and a focus on working cohesively as one unified T-Mobile to delivery an outstanding customer experience.

At Bing Lee Stores, Ritchie leads learning and culture. He embraces Virtual Reality, 360 video and immersive strategies to on-board and train retail and sales teams at Bing Lee Stores. Spend 5 minutes with Ritchie and witness his enthusiasm and passion for learning. See firsthand the technologies he leverages to engage, excite and motivate new team members. And, discover the impact immersive learning has on speed to competency and performance. In the age of disruption, the best approach is a great strategy.

DAU has evolved their learning strategy to reflect a new generation of workers, with impact metrics and performance drivers. Dr. Carman will reveal how DAU develops, implements and measures learning impact and their collaborative approach to strategic learning.

Choice Hotels has been honored for its diversity and inclusion culture from Human Rights Initiative and Diversity Suppliers Award. It takes more than saying the words as we see from the current headlines. Tim joins this panel to provide insights in extending and inclusive culture across the franchise, supplier and corporate teams. As well as insights on how Choice University supports the various stakeholders’ training needs.

Ritchie Djamhur, Head of Sales, Learning and Culture, Bing Lee Stores
Stephanie Becerra, Senior Director, Scripps Health
Nitya Gupta, Global Telesales Sr. Manager, T-Mobile
Timothy J. Tobin, Dean, Choice University
Dr. Devin Carman, Dean, DAU West Region

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