Push or Pull: Making Training Work for Your Organization

When it comes to a mandatory vs. elective approach to training, many companies find it difficult to strike a balance that yields high engagement and ensures necessary courses are completed. A “push” approach, or mandatory training, often causes employees to check out and fail to retain information from required courses. A “pull” approach, or elective training, typically creates higher engagement when courses are viewed, but can’t accommodate for compliance issues well.

So how are organizations supposed to deliver training that covers everything in an engaging way and yields high learning retention? In this webinar, Dean Pichee will discuss the challenges and benefits of both types of training and discuss how to find the balance you’ve been trying to achieve.

Key Learning Objectives:
Learn about current trends changing the landscape of how effective training is delivered
Understand the pros and cons of both mandatory and elective training
See how post-training reinforcement is key to increasing learning retention
Learn helpful techniques to introduce or improve gamification for higher engagement

Presenter: Dean Pichee
Presenter Bio:
Dean Pichee founded BizLibrary in 1996, to provide affordable, high-quality, training resources to small and mid-sized organizations across all industries.

Prior to founding BizLibrary, Dean founded and sold Capital Training Company, a training solutions provider for banks and financial institutions. Before founding Capital Training Company, Pichee served as the Vice President for Bankers Training, also a training provider for the financial training industry.

Dean has served on the board of directors of leading trade associations for learning providers, including the Digital Learning Organization, and its predecessor, Training Media Association. He has also served on the board for the ALS Society of St. Louis. Dean earned a business degree from Washington University.

Host: Krista Brubaker

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